In Your Eyes

автор: Cleopatra (поэзия) 30.01.2003
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What I see in your eyes
Is so hard to describe
And so hard to believe.
What I see in your eyes –
Black Egyptian nights,
Burning stars in the Nile,
Shining sun, endless heat…
В глазах твоих мираж пустыни,
Влекущий за собой на край земли;
Верблюды, сфинксы, пирамиды,
Загадочных теней игра вдали.
I look into your eyes and sink,
I sink into abyss of fire.
Like scorpion in burning ring
I’m being killed by my desire.
This I see in your eyes
Under cold northern sky
Lost in dreams.
Let me be the red rose.
In the sand will I grow,
In the deapth of your soul
Wild and free.

  • NN:

    in the send i will grow - порядок слов поправьте....очень нравится, если без русской вставки, хотя конечно вам решать:)